Peru’s football club named after President Ho Chi Minh

This club took the name of President Ho Chi Minh from the sincere love and respect of the Peruvians for Uncle Ho.

The football team of Club Deportivo Hochiminh (Photo: Facebook of the club)

Huamanga is a province located in the north of the Ayacucho region (Peru), made up of 16 districts. Carmen Alto is one of them. At the same time, this district boasts an ancient history as part of the Wari civilization that flourished before the presence of the Inca empire.

In the 1970s, General Juan Velasco became the President of Peru. He implemented a policy of nationalism, progress, and popularized communist ideals. The love for Vietnam, a small nation in distant Asia, under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, who stood up to declared independence and confronted the two great powers France and the United States, also spontaneously arose.

In December 1974, five students from the University of San Cristobal de Humanga, including Francisco De La Cruz, Paulo Gutierrez, Serapio Huashuayo, Manuel Mendoza and Juan de Dios Mendoza, who is the President of the Club, established the club Deportivo Hochiminh, a perfect combination of passion for football and respect for leader Ho Chi Minh.

Club Deportivo Hochiminh was officially launched in 1975 and after one year, it won the first title in history: the champion of Carmen Alto district.

This team will still go through a long way to develop in terms of sports, especially when playing football at Carmen Alto in particular and Ayacucho in general. It is a craggy land between the mountains of the South American country at an altitude of 2,752m above sea level. Formed from many craters, the soil here is hard, with very little grass, making controlling the ball even more difficult than taming a horse. In addition, Carmen Alto district mainly engages in agriculture and trading in cattle, which are pack horses.

However, for the heads of the Club, Club Deportivo Hochiminh is not only about football. This is also the ideal place to share about the communism, Ho Chi Minh's thought as well as many inspirational stories about the resistance war in Vietnam.

Until now, the players who joined Club Deportivo Hochiminh have all absorbed the good values from the forerunners. They still maintain a senior football team for people over 35 years old, a women's football team and a volleyball team.

As said, all they share the same ideal and can talk passionately about great Ho Chi Minh.

In an introduction to the Club on their blog, they took President Ho Chi Minh's saying "Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" as the title, because it summarizes his ideals as well as their aspiration./.


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