Paintings and books about President Ho Chi Minh introduced in Canada
Paintings about President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: VNA)
Paintings about President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: VNA)

At the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang introduced the book "Ho Chi Minh: Humanities and Development" in a Spanish edition. This is the second book about President Ho Chi Minh written by Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang, but it is the first book translated into Spanish. Previously, the book was published in Vietnamese and English.

At the event, Ms. Alma Farias, representative of the Spanish community in Toronto, was delighted to learn that the book was translated into Spanish.

She said that many Latin American countries wished to learn about President Ho Chi Minh's principles, as well as Vietnam's valuable experience in building the country after the war.

In the coming time, she would contact the Spanish Trade Promotion Office in Toronto to introduce the book and encourage members of the Spanish speaking community to share this information in Spain.

As a person who directly helped Dr. Nguyen Dai Trang edit the book about Uncle Ho in the English version, Ms. Elizabeth from the Canada-Vietnam Trade Council shared that the book clearly shows the image of a real leader of the people of Vietnam and imparts many lessons.

"Through pondering this book and Uncle Ho’s works, we see that this is a man of peace, gender equality, a man who loves children and only desires equality for the people of Vietnam. President Ho Chi Minh is a real leader, we learn a lot from him, and from this book," she said.

Also at the ceremony, visitors contemplated two paintings about Uncle Ho, and many paintings about the landscapes and people of Vietnam by painter Jean Maurice Gélinas in Montreal.

Both paintings about Uncle Ho were painted with a crayon on a canson drawing paper by painter Gélinas; one painting depicts Uncle Ho with a gentle and righteous smile and bright eyes, and the second painting shows Uncle Ho discussing with General Vo Nguyen Giap.

These are the 4th and 5th paintings about President Ho Chi Minh by painter Gélinas, a person always loving the country and people of Vietnam, and who regards Vietnam as his second homeland and family.

Painter Gélinas said that in the future he would continue to create more paintings about Uncle Ho, the landscape and beauty of the people of Vietnam in labor./.



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