Lao teachers and students pay tribute to Uncle Ho

The school delegation listens to an introduction about President Ho Chi Minh's homeland and life at Kim Lien Special Monument. (Photo:

The delegation consisted of 37 typical students, children of overseas Vietnamese and Lao people representing more than 1,000 students of the school. At Kim Lien Special Monument, the delegation respectfully offered flowers and burned incense in memory of Uncle Ho. They also reported to Uncle the results achieved in the past school year. Here, the delegation of teachers and students were touched and proud to hear about the life, background and career of President Ho Chi Minh during his lifetime.

Proud to visit Uncle Ho's hometown, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong said that successive generations will continue to preserve and cultivate the special friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Laos.

The school teaches children of overseas Vietnamese in Vientiane. The school's students can both study the Lao high school curriculum and learn Vietnamese, to always remember their culture of origin. In 2005, the Party and Government of Vietnam provided funding of more than USD500,000 to build a new school with the scale of two 3-storey buildings with 39 classrooms on 10,379 square meters of land granted by the Lao Government. The construction was completed in 2008. Since then, the school has grown in all aspects with a 66 staff and teachers, and 1,071 students. In which, students that are Vietnamese children account for about 30%, the rest are Lao students.

In the school year 2021-2022, the school was selected by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and the Ministry of Education and Sports of Laos as a pilot school for Lao-Vietnamese bilingual teaching from grade 1 to grade 12, in order to replicate the training model throughout Laos, helping the young generation of Laos to understand more deeply the tradition of the special friendship between Vietnam and Laos./.


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