Vietnam’s glorious history on show in museum

The determination map of Ho Chi Minh Campaign, one of 4 national treasures, on display at the Vietnam Military History Museum (Photo: HNM)

Thousands of artifacts and valuable documents collected, preserved and displayed at the museum are the storage of history of the Vietnamese revolution, the Vietnam People's Army and a highlight to attract tourists in Hanoi.

Founded on July 17th, 1956, the Vietnam Military History Museum is responsible for researching and collecting documents, exhibits and historical relics belonging to the army, and reflecting the resistance war of our people under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam led by President Ho Chi Minh.

On December 21st, 1959, to check on the museum’s display of contents before opening, President Ho Chi Minh said that the museum was a living book of history that played a great role in educating people of the country’s good traditions, especially for the younger generation, while it also helps foreign visitors have a more thorough understanding about Vietnam and its just struggle.

Realising Uncle Ho’s teachings, thousands of artifacts on display indoor and outdoor are arranged into subjects, fully reflecting the years of fierce but glorious resistance war of the Vietnamese army and people.

The indoor display’s main contents include the Vietnamese military history from Hung Kings and An Duong Vuong King to before 1930, the Vietnam people's armed forces from 1930 to 1975, the 1945 August Revolution, the 1953 - 1954 strategic attack with the Dien Bien Phu and Ho Chi Minh Campaigns, and Vietnam's military history during its national construction and defence since 1975.

The outdoor display area consists of artifacts such as American aircraft carcasses, tanks, and cannons. They are all original artifacts showing the will and determination for victory of the Vietnamese army and people throughout the country.

Over the past years, the museum has welcomed millions of visitors. In 2019, the museum welcomed 819,017 visitors, including 731,280 international visitors. “Apart from exhibits, we have focused on the collection of artifacts,” said Lieutenant Colonel Le Vu Huy, acting director of the museum. “In 2019, 304 images and 711 artifacts were collected, including many artifacts bringing great cultural and military value,” he added. “In addition, we have also completed the preservation of 2,125 artifacts, restored 18 artifacts, and preliminarily preserved 2,552 artifacts, serving 115 research delegations."

Moreover, it has also carried out many exhibitions that are highly appreciated by the public and researchers. On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the southern liberation and national reunification, (April 30th), the museum will organize the exhibition entitled "Great Victory Spring" scheduled from April 28th to August 19th in Ho Chi Minh city, in which 300 photos, documents and exhibits are on show./.


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