Image of Uncle Ho in modern historical museum in Russia

Over the past years, Russia has carried out a complex of modern history museum called "Russia - my history" in many cities around the country. In the photo were President Ho Chi Minh’s activities in Moscow as an officer of the international communist and the time he studied at the Oriental Worker Communist College in the 1920s.

President Ho Chi Minh in visits to the Soviet Union in the 1950-1960

The highlight of the exhibition space is the images of President Ho Chi Minh, the person who laid the foundation for Vietnam-Russia friendship. In the photo: Articles about President Ho Chi Minh in leading Soviet newspapers in the 1950-1960 presented at the museum.

Space pilots Pham Tuan and Viktor Gorbatko before the historic flight in July 1980.

Vietnam-Russia cooperation in the field of energy, and oil and gas exploitation on the continental shelf in the East Sea.

The museum has an area of over 15,000 square meters.

There are more than 900 multimedia and 3D interactive devices introducing the whole history of Russia, from the ancient times to modern times.


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