Ho Chi Minh Museum receives precious documents and exhibits on great President
President Ho Chi Minh (Documentary photo)
President Ho Chi Minh (Documentary photo)

Accordingly, 80 pictures, documents and exhibits together with artistic works and publications on President Ho Chi Minh, including some original exhibits of special value, were donated to the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Notable are exhibits donated by late Minister of Health Hoang Tich Try’s family which include 4 letters President Ho Chi Minh sent to the late Minister in 1947; the late Minister’s identity card with the autograph from President Ho Chi Minh; and a gun assigned by President Ho Chi Minh for his use from 1950 to 1958.

Over the past year, the Ho Chi Minh Museum has collected some documents and exhibits showing Vietnamese people’s and the world’s affection for Uncle Ho, including a portrait of him by Bulgarian painter Petrov in 1958; and 8 paintings of President Ho Chi Minh by Dao Trong Ly, an overseas Vietnamese in Thailand./.

Compiled by P.H


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