Hanoi outskirts’ famous destination commemorates Uncle Ho

The destination is the site of a copper statue of Uncle Ho which weighs about 800 kilograms.

This was one of the first places where an Uncle Ho statue was built after his passing in 1969.

The Uncle Ho copper statue was built in 1971.

Many worshipping items were also made of copper.

The statute was placed at the peak of the hill, surrounded by trees and 79 fruit trees.

Residents decided to call the location “79 Spring Hill” to remember Uncle Ho

According to some local residents, the Uncle Ho copper statue never catches dust. This is said to be due to the technique of making statues and the quality of materials.

The statue surroundings were upgraded in 2009 and the site has become a central highlight of the 100-hectare “79 Spring Hill” tourist site.

The spring is not only a cultural and spiritual campus for residents to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh, but also an attractive tourism site.


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