Breakthroughs needed to implement President Ho Chi Minh’s testament

The report of the meeting said 2019 is the third year since the Politburo issued Directive 05. Localities, ministries and branches nationwide; including provincial and city party committies, have made many innovations in realizing the Directive in combination with Resolution of the 4th PCC meeting (term XI, XII) on Party building work.

So far, the implementation of Directive 05 has seen significant results, facilitating the studying and following of the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong speaking at the event

From the reality of carrying out Directive 05 in localities and units; delegates frankly pointed out shortcomings existing during the implementation process; thereby raising solutions to effectively realize the Directive in the near future.

In his speech at the event, Mr. Vo Van Thuong acknowledged opinions of delegates and hailed the results from leading, directing and implementing Directive 05 over the past 3 years.

He stressed the implementation of Directive 05 was strongly supported by resolutions, regulations and other directives. From the beginning of the 12th National Party Congress to the present, the Party has issued 45 documents related to Party building and rectification; including 7 resolutions, 3 directives, 18 regulations, 8 results, three plans and other documents.

2019 marks the milestone of 50 years of realizing President Ho Chi Minh’s testament, thus, the Head of the PCC Commission for Popularization and Education asked provincial and city party committee and centrally-governed party committees to focus on speeding up popularization work, promoting the strength of press types and continuing to study and complete the learning theme of 2019, in association with the implementation of political tasks of localities.

“Each locality and organ should review, redefine and select suitable breakthroughs to carry out President Ho Chi Minh’s testament. Together with documents sent to localities and units, the PCC Commission for Popularization and Education will send specific instructions for localities to implement and create movements and hallmarks to promote the implementation of socio-economic development tasks,” he stressed./.


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