Propaganda painting on Uncle Ho’s exercise praised by Russian expert

The painting promoting exercise from President Ho Chi Minh’s example (Photo: VNA)

So confirmed Grigory Trofimchuk, Chairman of the Council of Experts of Eurasian Research Foundation of Russia, in a recent article published in the journal "Russian Spring" (Rusvesna).

Mr. Grigory Trofimchuk, who had a chance to see the propaganda posters and paintings with his own eyes during his visit to Vietnam last year, delivered his evaluation that Vietnam’s dissemination of information using propaganda paintings is gentle, easily going into people's hearts. According to the expert, propaganda posters in Vietnam are designed to be friendly, as a reminder and advice, not in forms of mandatory orders. The propaganda paintings are hung simply and intimately, giving viewers the feeling that this is real life, and that they are also present in that life, according to the article. 

The Russian expert believed that propaganda paintings have really come into everyday life, such as the exercise of Hanoi people every afternoon. It seems that people are following President Ho Chi Minh's example in exercising every day, which is stated in a poster stored in the Ho Chi Minh Museum, a poster that the author had a chance to see. He also said that the achievements of the Vietnamese sports teams in recent years are thanks in part to that ideological energy.

The author of the article shared that there is no formalism in the field of thought. This shows the great practical experience of Vietnamese leaders, helps to find the most accurate sound in the field of political graphics and helps the Vietnamese people in their daily lives, he added. 

Over the past time, the Vietnamese Government's use of propaganda posters and paintings in the fight against COVID-19 have received strong consensus from the people, thereby helping to bring the success that is recognized by the international community./.


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